Thursday, 24 November 2011

Google Docs For Android

Google Docs For Android

If you're having trouble to edit a document in Google Docs on your Android phone, you can install the Google Docs applications on Android Market. Google Docs app works the same way with Google Docs on your PC.

Google Docs For Android

Google Docs For Android

In the application, there are 6 units on the Google Docs menu such as:
-All Items : useful to see the entire file either file a document or other files that exist in your Gmail
-Collections : useful for sharing your collection of document files to other people who also use Gmail email
-Starred : useful to indicate your document files for easier if you'd like to see future
-Documents : useful to view the file documents on Gmail
-Images : useful to view the photo files on Gmail
-More : useful to view the files in a way based on file extensions like file extension. doc, xls, and ppt.

The use of Google Docs applications on the Android phones the same operation with Google Docs on your PC. Display easy application, the more easier for us to use it, though first time using the Android mobile phone. Google Docs also allows us to create a new office files, edit office files, and sharing documents.

If your document file are too much and you have difficulty to find, You can use the search feature of the documents found on the top right of the application. Document file that can be opened in Google Docs is : Doc, Ppt, xls, pdf. An editable document file is Doc and Xls.

One advantage of this Android's Google Docs, can be used to turn a photo into a document using optical character recognition (OCR) on the camera.

-Can edit, create a new document file without the need to install office applications on the Android phones
-Security is assured because the files are not stored on Gmail on mobile phones
-Can do the scanning of documents on paper using a camera like optical character recognition (OCR) on the scanner
-Can be used to backup files online

Not be used to edit the file. Ppt as on the PC version of Google Docs

To download please click the link below



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